INTEGRATE your natural talents

Navigate on your own authentic course

In addition to discovering and developing your natural talents, you also want something that supports you on a daily basis in actually integrating these talents into your life. Something that helps you to authentically navigate your own course day in and day out in a world filled with distractions. With the simple reason that you feel it's important to be able to share your unique contribution with the world in the form of your natural talents. 


After discovering your natural talents and gaining valuable insights into your habits, blockages, limiting beliefs, pitfalls and energy leakages, you will create your own MeMovie . A unique process in which you put together a film using inspiring images, affirmations and music that will powerfully help you to continue navigating your own authentic course. For more information about MeMovie, click HERE.

INTEGREER je natuurlijke talenten
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  • Discover your natural talents;
  • Develop your potential talents;
  • Gain insight into where certain beliefs limit you;
  • Discover your blockages and why you're leaking energy;
  • Determine a clear set a clear course aligned with your true nature;
  • Walk through the 'INTEGRATE your nature' (online) module of MeMovies;
  • Receive a personalised MeMovie;;
  • Learn how to use your MeMovie to authentically navigate your own set a clear course that are important to you with more course. varen.


Het "INTEGRATE your natural talents" program consists of:

  1. Intake [approx. 30 minutes]
  2. Fill in the online Me.-Scan wherever you are [approx. 20 minutes]
  3. 5 coaching sessions [approx. 1 to 1,5 hours/session]
  4. Walk through the MeMovie module including online coaching [4 x 30 minutes]
  5. Final session including the premiere of your personalised MeMovie [30 minutes]

Investering: €899