DISCOVER your natural talents

What talents fit you like a glove?

You are standing on a departing station. You may have been here before. By reading this you are already putting one foot on the train that is leaving soon. A train with the destination: 'your natural talents and qualities'. Do you choose to get on, or do you wait another round? The choice is yours! What I can guarantee you is that this ride is the start of a beautiful journey. 


With the 'DISCOVER your natural talents' package you make big leaps in a short time. You not only learn which talents and qualities are natural to you, you also gain insight into your learnt behaviour and your pitfalls. You will also learn how to better make choices. I use one of the most powerful online talent tools on the market for this: the Me.-Scan. The only one of its kind that subtracts information about you from your subconscious. And when you know that 95% of your actions come from your subconscious, it is very useful to gain some more insight into this. 

ONTDEK je natuurlijke talenten
ONTDEK je natuurlijke talenten


  • Get insights into your natural talents
  • Discover what is blocking your life energy
  • Take your first steps with a personal development tip


  1. You start with a no-obligation intake (30 minutes video/phone call)
  2. Then you fill in the Me.-Scan (approx. 20 minutes)
  3. Accordingly we discuss the results of the scan (1 to 2 hours) whereby you:
    1. Discover your natural talents ontdekt
    2. Gain insights into your learnt behaviour that is costing you energy
    3. Receive your most important development tip voor jou ontvangt.
BONUS: you receive a short MeMovie of your main development point

Investment: €299,- (ex. VAT)