DEVELOP your natural talents

Slow down and create room inside of yourself

Which talents are made for you and give you energy? Which skills are you good at, but cost you a lot of energy? The answer to the first question provides insight into your natural (potential) strengths. The answer to the second question says something about your learnt, vulnerable strengths. Vulnerable because it's a skill that can turn into a pitfall when under pressure. Understanding this gives you the opportunity to make new choices that are closer to your true nature.


During this coaching course you will discover what your natural (potential) talents are and also what talents are so called 'learnt'. You will discover where you are leaking energy and you will learn how you can make better choices. By gaining insight into your limiting beliefs and breaking through certain blockages, you will create the space to develop your potential natural talents. I make use of the Me.-Scan, which is one of the few tools on the market that uses the wisdom of your subconscious. Since 95% of your acting, thinking and feeling originates from the subconscious, almost all the answers to your questions lie there. 

ONTWIKKEL je natuurlijke talenten


  • Discover your natural talents;
  • Develop your potential talents;
  • Discover your blockages and why you're leaking energy;
  • Overcome your limiting beliefs.


  1. You start with a no-obligation intake (30 minutes video/phone call)
  2. Then you fill in the Me.-Scan (approx. 20 minutes)
  3. We begin with a personal conversation of approximately 1.5 hours in which you gain insight into your natural qualities and potential talent, your pitfalls and obstacles. For this we use, among other things, the results of the Me.-Scan.
  4. Afterward, we discuss your personal developmentplan for the next few weeks. To inspire and support your development goal(s), you will receive a short inspiring MeMovie.
  5. In total, this programme consists of five 1-on-1 sessions of approx. 1.5 hours spread over 10 weeks.
  6. Evaluation and completion

Investment: €599,- (ex. VAT)